I Love My Black Shoes, I Love My Black Shoes…

Do you know the story of Pete the Cat? The cat who loved his white shoes? This is a favorite story for my kiddies at school. The song easily gets stuck in your head.

That is what was going through my head today when I went and purchased my new shoes. No they aren’t Christian Louboutin. No they aren’t Prada. They are new running shoes and are the UGLIEST running shoes I have ever owned to date. Let me explain about my need for new shoes…

Last week I was doing hill repeats. Those suck by the way, 100m hill x 7. The only thing nice about it was the view of the creek. Living on the prairies, hills are a little hard to come by without driving to the river valley. So off I go to the sad little creek which is about 1km away. Then I walk up and down and up and down and up and down…well you get the idea. Almost at the end of my hill session, my knee was giving me serious grief. This was the knee I wrecked in Europe and tore the MCL. It still isn’t 100%, and after last weeks hills, I thought I was a goner for the rest of the season. I hobbled home and took an ice bath, also not as fun as it sounds. You would be surprised at the difference it makes to your muscles though! 3 days later, I was scheduled for my 16k. My furthest walk to date without stopping to ride a roller coaster or get a character autograph.

After about 9k into my walk, my knee started screaming at me. It was saying things like “You big dumb stupid ass head! Why are you doing this to me?” I stopped and rested for a bit. Then pressed on. By the time I had reached 12k, I stopped to do yoga stretches on someones lawn. My body was killing me because I was over compensating for my knee. Not a good idea. My Yoga instructor told me once that I should try and walk with out a limp. It is better over all for my body, however, my knee disagreed. In that moment, it was all I could do not to hail a cab, or call my mommy. The stretching helped me make it to 16k and into my Gran’s house where I was met with water!!! Thanks Gran!

Meanwhile, I had asked various runners their opinion on shoes. I think it was my shoes fault. I made the mistake of buying the shoes I always get because once 6 years ago, I was told that style was what I needed for my stance.  My feet never really liked those shoes. I have had them 2 months and walked 200km in them. Technically they should be good for another 200km but there are a couple of factors in play here. 1> I am heavier than the average runner. By heavier I mean a LOT heavier. We are talking Clydesdale on steroids. Naturally I would wear out my shoes quicker.  2> I never was properly fitted for my shoes. I am stronger now than I was when I was originally fitted for my shoes. That might play a factor when it comes to pronating. Besides, I have holes in my shoes already from yoga toe when I walk…I blame YOU Trophi Girl!

Today I walked into the specialty running store and was specially fitted. Turns out I no loner pronate and now only need a neutral shoe! So the muscles are a factor! As soon as I put on the first shoe I knew my old shoes were wrong. 6 pairs later and the right shoe for me was the ugliest shoe on the shelf. Black and Pink. Ffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KKKK

Black is fine, pink is fine, together it feels like something Pinky Tuscadero might wear. Once again, I bow to comfort. It is the only way I am going to finish this race. I am registered now so there is no backing out. I am too cheap to even consider it! Going for comfort is the only way.

I am going to test them out tonight. My knee isn’t ready for another 16km, I will test it out with an easy 8-10k. That makes me laugh. Who would ever think I would consider 8-10k easy? I do now! 4 sizes smaller and new ugly shoes keeps the mo going.

Sing it with me! “I love my black shoes, I love my black shoes, I love my black shoes…”


These Boots are Made for Walkin’

BOOTS Nancy Sinatra's all-time hits
Image by Nesster via Flickr

No I am not singing the Jessica Simpson version. I have the Nancy Sinatra version with her kick a$$ white gogo boots in my head! I have been thinking about distances since I blogged late last night.

My dad has always been a record breaker, he writes down every book he reads to see how many he can read in a year, then tries to break that record. He keeps track of how far he runs so he can break that record. I am going to take a page out of his book and give it a go!

I am planning on walking/swimming to Tiffany & Co, located on 5th Avenue, New York City. I google mapped it and if I walk a half marathon every day, I would get there in 181 days. I am not sure what pace google thinks I should do it in tho. If I include swimming, I could make it there in 35 days. Maybe add a few more for sight seeing.

Google warns me the route has toll roads and a ferry and worst of all, it crosses through Canada! Well Google, how else do I get out of Canada if I don’t walk across it? True, you would make me walk through hanis parts of Canada called Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just flat. Flat that goes on forever in a flat non interesting way. Once I cross the border in Manitoba and into Minnesota, I imagine it looks similar. I can’t remember, it’s been a while. I would take the ferry across Lake Michigan, or I could swim. But I think that lake is colder than most glacier fed lakes that I have been in, so I will rest my bone weary feet and take the ferry. Which reminds me…

I will need to budget for new shoes. Apparently I need to replace my shoes ever 400km. That means I would need 10 pairs of shoes x $189 = $1890!!! AND THERE IS NO RED SOLES?!?! That isn’t taking into account the toll roads…screw that, I will walk in the ditch and save me some coin. I would carry a sleeping bag and sleep in Wal-Marts across North America! Or some farmer’s field along the way. I will live off the land eating berries, muskrat and the odd gopher or two. I have enough Facebook and Blogger Friends, I am sure I can bunk in their goat house or balcony along the way.

So far I have walked 125km since April 19th when I started training for the half marathon. I have swam 138km so far this year that makes 263km since I started my fitness journey. That number seems so small compared to the soreness I feel in my muscles. Okay, I am officially depressed!!! CRAP this is going to take me a while.

263km means I have walked to Marsden, Saskatchewan. All I saw was a couple of moose and a billion mosquitos. It has taken me 12 .5 days. I think 181 days is more accurate.

The reality is, I am not walking a half marathon a day. So maybe it might take me a year, but I am going to keep track. I will let you know when I get there.

Ready Boots? Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaart walkin’!

No I Am NOT Over Reacting!

Did you ever watch any Charlie Brown episodes where Lucy was kissed by Snoopy? If you had, then you remember her unreasonable reaction. She ran screaming from Snoopy declaring she was poisoned, dying, in need of a Doctor and most definitely some antiseptic. Everyone laughs because it is ridiculous that she would die from being kissed by a dog. I must admit that i laughed. Now I regret it. Please forgive me Lucy. I am now going to die.

Today was my long walk day in preperation for the Edmonton Intact Marathon in August. My goal is to walk the half marathon and then celebrate my birthday afterwards with all the people who supported me and cheered me on. Alas…that is not to be. I shall be dead by then. Why you ask? BECAUSE I SWALLOWED A MOSQUITO!!!!

I know you are laughing, I can hear from my kitchen. I wouldn’t laugh if it happened to you – well, ok I would because it would be funny if it happened to YOU. But it happened to ME. Not nearly as comical.

I was walking my last kilometer of 9 in Edmonton’s beautiful river valley. I was mouth breathing because it is hard work! A swarm of mosquitos crept up on me and took be by surprise. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by those micro blood sucking beasts. In my haste to amscray, I inhaled a sharp breath of fresh air in an effort to fuel my tired limbs with life nurturing oxygen to help my legs rescue me. Suddenly, one of those little critters thought she would fly into my mouth bringing with her the element of surprise. I was surprised alright. Coughing and sputtering in an effort to expel her from my body. All efforts were rendered useless. I was the victim of a kamakazy mosquito attack. My next thought was, GROSS! Then a flood of thoughts entered my head like, what if I get malaria? or West Nile? or What if she was filled with someone elses blood before she attacked me? OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I AM DYING!!!

What really annoy’s me is  will be dead before all my goals are reached. Well isn’t that just craptastic.

Or, it was just a bug and  I have extra protein flowing through me to increase my energy and help me achieve my goals. Either way, it was disgusting and I don’t recommend it. Sorry I laughed Lucy, no you didn’t over react.

What is Next on the List?

Today was GORGEOUS! 9C and to me that is shirt sleeve weather. ChatterBox and I went for a shopping trip because she keeps growing, it’s kind of expensive having a teen daughter. However, I still like her so there isn’t much I can do about it. We had a lovely day, it felt good to be outside. I’m feeling good too – well physically. Shedding weight, exercising regularly, eating pretty good. It got me thinking about my next goal. As you know I make daily goals and long term goals. I am doing well on the daily goal. I am working on my long term goal (my degree, and sign up soon for 2 more classes!) I think it is time to pursue a long term physical goal. I have the intellectual goal in check. So I was thinking…

In my family I am blessed with runners. They love the feeling and enjoy the mental component of running. While I am in NO condition to run, I need to shed more weight to be kind to my knees. I am capable of walking. Gals at work have a walking group, quite a few walk half marathons. Here is my new goal: I will walk in the Edmonton Derby Half Marathon in 2012.

To do this I need to do a few things:

  • Keep swimming 4 times a week
  • Keep up with Yoga
  • walk 4 times a week ( I can manage weekends and 2 days a week)
  • Buy new shoes for walking
  • keep a log of how many km I walk (how cool would it be to “walk across Canada”?)
  • Join the half marathon walking class at the Running Room next spring

Here is my plan, I will walk Tuesdays,Thursdays, Saturdays and have my long walk on Sundays. I may find I need to build up to 4 days a week, or keep my walks short until I can do more. I am swimming 45mins now but started with only 10min, so I am building stamina. I know I can do it, and by putting it here, I have now told the universe so that makes me accountable. I need to think about a plan for winter. But who wants to do that today with the weather so nice? Not me.

So as Katie Scarlett O’Hara said, “I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.”

Wish me luck!