Tourism straight from my geeky dreams: Commander Chris Hadfield tweets from space

NASA Astronaut Chris Hadfield
NASA Astronaut Chris Hadfield (Photo credit: gnews pics)

Lately I have been astounded by technology.  Not that I am agog with the instant nature of social media. It is annoying to me that the ‘news’ is already old by the time I hear it. I rarely listen to it any more. Social media takes care of that for me. What I do miss is the in depth reporting that use to happen. Everything now is done in 30 second sound bites. Reading and learning about issues has become something of a dinosaur.

What does amaze me are tweets from Chris Hadfield LIVE FROM SPACE! This is stuff of my geeky dreams. A tourist destination to write home about! I know there are several of you who don’t use twitter or ‘get the point’ of twitter. It is about who you follow and what you search. I don’t banter much on there because A) my favorite funny friends aren’t there – they are on facebook and B) I am caught up reading news or events I don’t hear about on TV news, unless it is the BBC (for the record, BBC is proper news). Some days I prefer to read about what other readers are reading, or I like to laugh at Wil Wheaton who is hilarious, or find out about comic con. I admit to following geeks, humor and running stuff, but the other day I saw this tweet from William Shatner:


As my son would say, “I had a TOTAL NERDGASIM!” First of all a Canadian Astronaut was tweeting random stuff FROM THE SPACE STATION! Are you kidding me? How cool is that? He isn’t on Earth. Think about that, the DUDE is ORBITING the EARTH – not from a different country, he was in the space between the EARTH and the MOON. If that doesn’t impress you, then you need to think about why. Come ON! SPACE! Okay… then he clearly watched enough Star Trek to know the details to tell Captain Kirk. Classic Canadian Humor. Wiseass to the nth degree!

Then the next day two very cool things happen. 1) Commander Chris Hadfield tweets the following:

I’m proud of being Canadian, but after yesterday’s twitter conversation am starting to question wearing this red shirt.

For those of you not in the geek circle, Wear a read shirt on Star Trek means certain death. They are ALWAYS the dudes on the ‘away mission’ that no one knows and had never seen on the show before AND they are wearing RED -always… well in the original series. This has become the secret inside joke, many other movies and shows make reference to it. No, really they do. Watch for it.

Then later that day, Commander Hadfield was in the SPACE STATION orbiting over Canada and he takes THIS picture:

Edmonton from the Space Station

This is Edmonton people! This isn’t black and white photography, this is colour. White stuff is snow, grey stuff is snow, dark stuff is river and ice. The grey stuff is delicious! HaHa … actually it is a sand/salt mix so I can drive around the city. If you squint you can see me running outside to wave at the Commander.

Commander Hadfield tweets daily. His adventures are incredibly interesting and you can talk to him yourself if you set up a twitter account. You can also visit his Pinterest page where he posts all his photos taken from the Space Station.

45 years ago the space program was new and fledgling. This was in my life-time. Can you just imagine where the future is going to take us? The geekness of my dreams may actually come true.

Thank you Commander Chris Hadfield, and may the force be with you or Live long and prosper or beware of the Bad Wolf. Take your pick, which ever is your favorite. Real space heroes get to choose their own favorite quotes.

Follow Commander Hadfield on twitter @Cmdr_Hadfield or click here on Pinterest 

Don’t Mess with the Temporal Prime Directive!

Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk, in a promoti...
Image via Wikipedia

In my spare time today….What the?!?! I had spare time? I HAD SPARE TIME! WOOP WOOP! I have just spent the last three weeks working 6 weeks ahead in my University studies. I finished yesterday so, indeed, I had SPARE TIME TODAY! You should have seen the Happy Dance! Yes I made a spectacle of myself but I digress…

So in my spare time today I had the luxury of reading other blogs. I have found some really great ones here on WordPress and have listed them in my Blogroll down on the right hand side of this page. Anyways… as I was saying, I was reading other blogs and they transported me to another place. I went for a run today in Central Park with The Bronxturtle and his arch nemesis The Tool, I went knee boarding with Open to Adventure somewhere down under, I went on a first date with Kat in Philadelphia ( she is going on 30 first dates in 3 months!)  and I learned about the first Mosque built on permafrost! It was a delightful afternoon! That is what I love about reading. Suddenly you are transported to another place and time.

I was musing about traveling to another place and time when I brought it up to Genetic Offspring. This is what he said ” if you go back in time and you change something in the past that somehow prevents you from going back in time in the first place, which really means you haven’t really gone back in time but yet you are there and changed something. Thus a paradox is created”

Did your eyes glaze over? I might have missed some of his quote because I may have drifted off for a moment. I try to listen to him, I really do, but sometimes I just don’t understand everything and my mind wanders.

Then it occurred to me. I have family and a few friends who live in the future. And by “future” I don’t mean Crazytown. I mean Australia! They are living in my tomorrow today! So I have a plan.

Australian friends and family, please send me the winning lottery numbers, I will pick those numbers today, then tomorrow it will be me who wins! I of course will split the winnings with you! Is this brilliant or what? Why have I never thought of this before? I am sure Captain Kurt, and by Kurt I mean Chris Pine NOT  William Shatner, would have something to say about the Space/Time Continuum or the Temporal Prime Directive. By the time he starts yapping at me I will be rich and not caring. And I might be drooling a bit, he is very easy on the eyes you know…

So, Who’s in?

While I am waiting for all the winning lottery numbers to start coming in, lets listen to Craig Ferguson tell you tomorrow is your future yesterday 🙂