I have spent my week writing. By the look of things around here on my blog, you would call me a liar. My words have come out in a paper for school, journaling for my self and a book that insists it needs to write itself. Odd how words work. I get a feeling that I need to write. It is a strong as the need for food, sleep or warmth. i sit at my kitchen table in front of my window and words pour out of me as if I opened the faucet. Yet my blog does not seem to reap the benefit.

I am a regular reader to Red’s Wrap. I quite like her point of view and her stories. She seems to be going through a bit of writer’s block and was inspired by Ernest Hemingway. I mostly like the idea of Hemingway in the way I favor ideas of other great writers. I do not necessarily enjoy all his work but some of it speaks to me. Red’s Wrap to this line from Hemingway,

All you have to do is write one true sentence.

One true sentence is suppose to inspire you to write more. She wrote several sentences and I wanted to learn more, although she did not expand on the thought. It is a interesting concept for starting a story, book or blog post. I suspect many writers start with this idea. I did with the book that is writing itself. One line that led me to thousands of words that race across the page.

I decided I would take a stab at writing several true sentences. It is harder than it sounds, but here are my truths:

  1. I prefer to live in dreams than in reality.
  2. Being incompatible does not mean someone is the villan.
  3. I am not confident that I know what my best is.
  4. Happy is hard to attain.
  5. Not being happy does not imply you are the opposite, there is a place of in between where many emotions go to live.
  6. I like to smell objects kept from my children’s childhood.
  7. Silence is decadent
  8. Water calms my spirit while mountains energize me.
  9. I desire more than fine.
  10. The best sound to my ears is a child’s laugh
  11. I have 3 tiny brass angels I hold when I need to feel close to my great grandma.

These are my truths, care to share yours?



I Won Again? I Must be Dying and No one Told me

I have bad news, or good news depending how you look at it. I won a contest. That usually means great things to people. When I win, great doom usually ensues. So far so good and nothing bad has happened…yet. I will keep you posted though..

To see the results of my winnings….click here.The prize was a virtual trip to South Africa. Very Cool! Unlucky me!

If nothing bad happens, I’ll be back tomorow….If I am dead…I will be otherwise engaged.

Happy Thursday!

NaNoWrMo – That’s right, I said it…

My Life Coach and I have been talking about finding me a goal or a challenge that is not food or fitness related. The purpose is to find every day joy and meaning in life and activities without the drive and commitment of my goals. Something fun to enable me to  to let loose. The problem is, I am quite driven and focused. These are not optimal conditions for “Letting Loose”.  It has been a struggle to find the balance between play and intellect. Both of those things are fun for me. I think I found it!

Over on the WordPress Dashboard there was discussion about NaNoWrMo. That sounded like camp to me and Camp was fun! So I took a peek. NaNoWrMo is a 30 day challenge to write a book. We are not talking about a Pulitzer Prize or a Booker Award, but someplace to let my ideas run free without the restriction of knowing I may hurt someone’s feelings as I blog, or adhere to the rule about never write down stuff that may come back to haunt you. In Novel format, I can write to my hearts content, play out scenarios between my characters and choose to share or not the contents of my pages. Of course i am fantasizing about my book being brilliant and being snapped up for publication, but the real truth of the matter is, I am more grounded when I write.

I do know I have many readers who are aspiring writers themselves…kind of why we are here! I invite you to take a look and join the challenge with me. Who knows what will come out of it in 30 days? One thing is for sure, it is something new, and I am all about trying out new things right now.