Edmonton Tourist: Capilano Park

I decided this week that I needed some minor goals to get me through until I can decide what I need for some long term decisions. My goal for this summer is to visit all 20 of Edmonton’s River Valley Parks. 

Edmonton’s park system is one of the most amazing things ever created. Miles of trails both paved and not snake through the valley. If the valley was not divided into smaller parks, the green system would be larger than Central Park in New York City. I think at some point I have been to all of them but I have never explored all the parks in depth. I have either run through the parks, rode my bike or paddled past in my canoe. This summer me and my trusty companion The Captain will explore Edmonton’s River Valley Parks.

Capilano Park is located on the south east end of Edmonton on 50th street. Directly across the street from Goldbar. I hadn’t realized Goldstick Park was part of the valley parks, or I would have started there. My goal is to visit them systematicly starting in the south east corner of the city every Saturday. 

The upper park is open green space with baseball diamond and paved trails for bikes and pedestrians alike. I drove to the parking lot to explore areas I hadn’t been before. 

I forgot there was a bridge leading across the river to Highlands.

The ice is mostly off the river with a bit of burg candy floating by. Cap and I stopped to taken in the valley. 

We turned back at discovered picnickers hidden in the trees. This would be a great spot for family picnics.

For some reason there are flags and a bit of an ampatheatre overlooking the river.

We discovered an off leash dog area in the woods. It was filled with squirrels and birds so Cap was pleased.  

The path was peaceful and quiet. I could hear birds singing in the trees and saw a small homeless camp. I need to make a note to bring protein bars to leave as I walk by. 

The path led down to the river bank. I hadn’t been along the water since I paddled regularly when I was 21.

Cap waded in and took a drink. He avoids water so this amazed me. I stood on the boat launch for a long time taking in the amazing weather for April. In Edmonton it is normally still winter. The sun was warm and the ground dry. The valley was filled with people enjoy the weather.

Capilano Park is lovely. Cap and I will be back


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