About Me

075 When I started this blog in 2010, it was to help me find ways of being happy in my life. I learned lots along the way and in June 2013 I felt the Edmonton Tourist Project no longer was needed. I had figured it out. It was time to say good-bye to the project. I was giving more attention to Just me and Mo, my blog where I write about my health and fitness journey. Now that I have mourned the passing of my Edmonton Tourist Project, I thought it was time to bring forward a new concept. People still associate me with The Edmonton Tourist, so I guess that is who I will remain, but my focus is slightly different. Countless times this summer I would experience something and think…I should blog about that. Alas, I had no forum in which to write. So here it is, Welcome to my new blog Musings by the Edmonton Tourist, Looking at life in a slightly skewed manner.

If you are looking for my old posts, there are still here. They are just located under the category “The Edmonton Tourist Chronicles”.

Who I am

I didn’t really have a way to express who I was before. I do now. I am an independent thinker who happens to enjoy being a mom, running, singing and reading. I swing from being lazy to active in a moments notice. I like to laugh, cry and feel my emotions. I live for engaging in intelligent conversation that challenges me. But mostly I am the person who finds humor in just about everything. I have learned that health can change in a moments notice, so it is important to embrace what you have and make the most if it.

I am The Edmonton Tourist.

66 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Carry your camera everywhere. I do, and end up taking many great pictures around my house and my work location that I would otherwise not see if I wasn’t always looking for a photo opportunity like most people do only on vacation. Enjoy!

  2. Great new look to the blog!

    Easy to use…and I love the archives on the side…so I can go back and have a chuckle!

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s laugh!

    1. You mean there is stuff to talk about that isn’t history, hockey, Seinfeld and toys? Who knew? I saw your totally rad Christmas Card sweater, you are obviously a man of impeccable taste! Thanks for popping in to say hi:)

  3. Hi, one day I woke up and quit my job…I was unhappy too…I always love giving and I was giving to the people who didnot need anything. So, I am giving to the needy. Love it so far…and time and time again I would preach to my husband about the same mind set you have now. I believe that we would enjoy life. Love your blog keep me up to date

  4. After many difficulties getting Green Cards for my family here in the USA, a few years ago, Canada seemed liked the next-best thing. In fact, the best thing.

    For me, Edmonton was one of the cities that appealed to me. I have a friend in Calgary who disagrees. Perhaps I should let the two of you duke it out? In any case, it was a close-run thing, and the eventual breakdown of my marriage played no part in the final decision to stay here in the USA.

    Now I can live vicariously ‘in Edmonton’ via your blog. Although it’s funny that the first post I read was about your visit to see the Mona Lisa.:)

    1. The Tourist in my loves to travel, so hearing about Mona is appropriate:)

      As for Calgary, They are superior in Shopping (Cross Iron Mills and Chinook center)and proximity to the Rockies. They also have a fantastic resturant call Open Range, but that is all I will give them😉 Thanks for the follow! Maybe I can help you choose Edmonton with it’s lush river valley, endless park system, summer festivals, and northern lights!

      1. Another interesting thing is that I had been considering Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton, and even Toronto. I hadn’t even considered Calgary. I like low humidity in summer and don’t mind the cold. So anywhere from Edmonton to Denver works for me!!

  5. Just stopped in to let you know I am not him. I read a few of his old posts and he is a better writer than I am. I do not suffer from any proven mental defect and to ease your mind I am now following your blog. I think this whole thing is funny and I am preparing a post just for my followers so they can get a laugh too. I hope to see you around my blog sometime. Thanks for reading.

  6. I love it!! I’m always saying to people that life is a journey…….so yes! great! fantastic! we’re all tourist’s here to explore, challenge, love, live & enjoy the sights to be seen, just enjoying the journey. Tovah

  7. Hello! Stumbled upon your blog when I was looking for photos of Camping Langenwald (just returned from camping in Germany, Switzerland and France). Love your writing – keep it up!

  8. It was wonderful Camping with family can be a challenge, but every day is a new adventure. Schnitzel with pommes got a little old, but German bread and yogurt are amazing and the local French wine was great. We even tried biodynamic wine and got an education in terroir – I swear I could taste the gravel.

  9. Hi there, I stumbled across your blog and I felt exactly the same – which was the trigger for my own ‘adventure into happiness’ (and my own blog) thanks for posting. stop by sometime if you like. peace x

    1. I enjoy the honesty of your journey. It is very similar to mine up to the point of surgery. I chose not to go that route my journey is chronicled here http://www.justmeandmo.wordpress.com I go to support group too and one thing I learned, everyone has tips that might help someone else. Keep it up! It’s hard but so worth it! I’ll see you at the WDW 5k in January:) I bet I wont recognized you!!

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