About Me

075 When I started this blog in 2010, it was to help me find ways of being happy in my life. I learned lots along the way and in June 2013 I felt the Edmonton Tourist Project no longer was needed. I am happier and my life is completely different. It was time to say goodbye to the original project. Time changes everything and my blog has changed too. I am sure it will keep evolving into other things. If you are looking for my old posts, there are still here. They are just located under the category “The Edmonton Tourist Chronicles”.

Who I am

I didn’t really have a way to express who I was before. I do now. I am an independent thinker who happens to enjoy being a mom, singing, writing and reading. I swing from being lazy to active in a moment’s notice. I like to laugh, cry and feel my emotions. I live for engaging in intelligent conversation that challenges me, but mostly I am the person who finds humour in just about everything. I have learned that health can change on a dime, so it is important to embrace what you have and make the most of it.

I am The Edmonton Tourist.


66 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Carry your camera everywhere. I do, and end up taking many great pictures around my house and my work location that I would otherwise not see if I wasn’t always looking for a photo opportunity like most people do only on vacation. Enjoy!

  2. Great new look to the blog!

    Easy to use…and I love the archives on the side…so I can go back and have a chuckle!

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s laugh!

  3. I’ve been here 5 minutes and already found references to history, hockey, Seinfeld, and toys. We are gonna get along just fine! Nice concept for the blog indeed. You’ve reminded me of my famous family trip memories http://t.co/qMm9BBm
    Can’t wait to read more!

    1. You mean there is stuff to talk about that isn’t history, hockey, Seinfeld and toys? Who knew? I saw your totally rad Christmas Card sweater, you are obviously a man of impeccable taste! Thanks for popping in to say hi 🙂

  4. Hi, one day I woke up and quit my job…I was unhappy too…I always love giving and I was giving to the people who didnot need anything. So, I am giving to the needy. Love it so far…and time and time again I would preach to my husband about the same mind set you have now. I believe that we would enjoy life. Love your blog keep me up to date

  5. After many difficulties getting Green Cards for my family here in the USA, a few years ago, Canada seemed liked the next-best thing. In fact, the best thing.

    For me, Edmonton was one of the cities that appealed to me. I have a friend in Calgary who disagrees. Perhaps I should let the two of you duke it out? In any case, it was a close-run thing, and the eventual breakdown of my marriage played no part in the final decision to stay here in the USA.

    Now I can live vicariously ‘in Edmonton’ via your blog. Although it’s funny that the first post I read was about your visit to see the Mona Lisa. 🙂

    1. The Tourist in my loves to travel, so hearing about Mona is appropriate 🙂

      As for Calgary, They are superior in Shopping (Cross Iron Mills and Chinook center)and proximity to the Rockies. They also have a fantastic resturant call Open Range, but that is all I will give them 😉 Thanks for the follow! Maybe I can help you choose Edmonton with it’s lush river valley, endless park system, summer festivals, and northern lights!

      1. Another interesting thing is that I had been considering Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton, and even Toronto. I hadn’t even considered Calgary. I like low humidity in summer and don’t mind the cold. So anywhere from Edmonton to Denver works for me!!

  6. Just stopped in to let you know I am not him. I read a few of his old posts and he is a better writer than I am. I do not suffer from any proven mental defect and to ease your mind I am now following your blog. I think this whole thing is funny and I am preparing a post just for my followers so they can get a laugh too. I hope to see you around my blog sometime. Thanks for reading.

  7. I love it!! I’m always saying to people that life is a journey…….so yes! great! fantastic! we’re all tourist’s here to explore, challenge, love, live & enjoy the sights to be seen, just enjoying the journey. Tovah

  8. Hello! Stumbled upon your blog when I was looking for photos of Camping Langenwald (just returned from camping in Germany, Switzerland and France). Love your writing – keep it up!

  9. It was wonderful Camping with family can be a challenge, but every day is a new adventure. Schnitzel with pommes got a little old, but German bread and yogurt are amazing and the local French wine was great. We even tried biodynamic wine and got an education in terroir – I swear I could taste the gravel.

  10. Hi there, I stumbled across your blog and I felt exactly the same – which was the trigger for my own ‘adventure into happiness’ (and my own blog) thanks for posting. stop by sometime if you like. peace x

    1. I enjoy the honesty of your journey. It is very similar to mine up to the point of surgery. I chose not to go that route my journey is chronicled here http://www.justmeandmo.wordpress.com I go to support group too and one thing I learned, everyone has tips that might help someone else. Keep it up! It’s hard but so worth it! I’ll see you at the WDW 5k in January 🙂 I bet I wont recognized you!!

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