Happy New Year!!  I know think I have gone totally bonkers now. For as long as I can remember, September 1 has always felt like the start of the new year. It  has everything to do with the school year and nothing to do with my fiscal year-end. My house is buzzing with excitement, school bags are loaded and filled with crisp white paper eagerly waiting to be filled by a freshly sharpened HB. Flash drives are empty, waiting for those projects. Most importantly, phone calls are being made about what to wear, in spite of the school uniform rule.  The weather is cooler, the leaves are starting to turn, apples are fat and juicy and hanging on the tree. It is definitely a new year. So Happy New Year!!

Everyone does a New Years resolution, well almost everyone. I never have because I knew wouldn’t see it through. But this year is a little different. I just came off of a really difficult year on a personal front. A couple of things happened that made me turn inward and away from people. I am not going to get into it here other than to say, I am crawling out of it and can see the sunshine at the end of the horizon. Part of that is my decision to be a Tourist in my own life. So far so good! Blogging about it makes me accountable to myself, and I have some loyal readers that privately tell me they are with me for the journey because they need the encouragement too. Well people, its time we make our New Years list – not resolution!

Classic lists are 10 items long. Why 10? I listen to a podcast where his lists are a top 7. That doesn’t seem long enough. I am a little off centre, so I am doing a Top 11 list. Why 11? I hear my friends laughing already because they know. 11 has always been a significant number in my life. The biggest one of course is my not so secret crush on Mark Messier. 11:11 pm always seems to be the time when I look at my clock. The 11th month is when winter really starts kicking in here and I love the change of seasons. 7-11 is the maker of Slurpees and summer memories. I could go on but will just say 11 is my favorite and is my lucky number, so my list will be 11 items long. I shall call it:

The Edmonton Tourist’s Top 11 things that make her happy.

Now at this point I want to add that there is a Buddhist saying that goes something like this; if you want to be something else, act like you are something else. One day it will be true – or something like that. You know what I mean! Coming out of a tough year, I need to act like I am happy in order to be happy. You know what? It works! I have no idea when it happened, but I realized I was happy. Which is great news, because for so long I was not. The other side of the coin is true too. Only YOU can make yourself happy.  I also want to add that it is a given that my family and close friends (you know who you are) are not on the list because you don’t make me happy, you make euphoric and that is a different list. This is a list of  daily things I can do to make me smile. So here we go in no particular order!

The Edmonton Tourist’s Top 11 Things That Make her Happy 

  1. Hockey Smack. Nothing is more fun to me then engaging in Hockey Smack with other hockey fans. Its fun, thought-provoking and makes me laugh.
  2. Andy Williams.  As a kid my mom would listen to him all the time. His Christmas music puts me in the mood for Christmas preparations. His specials on TV were fun and so “retro old fashion family values” and his song Music to Watch Girls By just makes me want to shake my shoulders with happiness.
  3. Diet Coke. It is more of an addiction really but the sound of the sffffffffft as you crack it open sends tingles down my spine. I love it!
  4. Facebook. Whatever, you like it too! I have reconnected with old friends, made new ones, learned from strangers and laugh on it everyday.
  5. Hidden Mickey’s. The attention to detail that imaginears use in theming at The Disneyland Parks puts a HUGE smile on my face! Disney Geeks need no further explanation. If you are not a Disney Geek, feel free to pat me on the head and continue to think I am crazy, My DisFriends get me.
  6. Ink. The smell of a new book or newspaper brings back such strong and wonderful memories for me. My family knows why.
  7. Tom Hanks. From Sleepless in Seattle to That Thing You Do and Woody. I love him. Enough said.
  8. Singing. I love to sing always have and I am pretty good at it when I take it seriously. Beatles Rock Band with my family is one of the most fun ways for me to spend an evening. Karaoke with my sister is more fun then should be legal.
  9. Smelling Flowers. I use to have a great big flower garden. I can’t be bothered anymore to take care of it. However, I will stop to smell flowers growing in your garden. So thank you for growing them.
  10. Bubble Baths. I come from a long line of women who have perfected the bubble bath ritual. delightful!
  11. My iPhone. If you own one, you know why. If you don’t, get one.

What is on your happy list? I would really like to know! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


8 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. The smell of chocolate cake baking in the oven
    Hugs from my granddaughters
    Listening to my granddaughters talking with each other – they are a riot
    My grandson phoning me and telling me to “fire up the milkshake maker” he is coming down
    A morning walk in Gold Bar Park
    Sitting on my lawn swing watching the birds
    Girls Night out with my two daughters
    Family Picnics
    Cooking for my husband who always appreciate whatever I give him
    Cooking for my grandson Alex who loves everything I give him

  2. *My girlfriends and sisters and daughters – as I get older I realize that they are the ones that stick by you no matter what.
    *Freshly baked bread – I’m like a crack addict when it comes to bread and freshly baked, straight from the oven is like OD’ing (but in a good way).
    *Cuddling with my girls – it’s like a puppy pile when we all gather on my bed to watch TV. And usually ends with the girls poking at each other saying, “get your foot out of my face…”
    *Tom Hanks – for the same reasons you provided 🙂 and because he just seems like a genuinely nice guy in real life.
    *Cracking the spine on a new book – I know that for some people this is like sooo wrong, but I love to do it.
    *Great conversations – where I feel like I’m actually contributing to the discussion in a fairly intelligent way.
    *Trying something new – could be anything from new food, a new date, to white water rafting. Getting over the fear/excitment/nervousness and just doing it give me a thrill.
    *Jim Reeves – brings back childhood memories and I absolutely adore his voice
    * Smell of horse poop – strainge but true – I’ve always liked the smell
    * The fall – my favourite time of year. The colours, the light and the coolness make me happy and energized. Spring on the other hand always seemed a little stinky and sad looking.

  3. Being at family BBQ’s at my Moms house.
    Having lunch at restaurants with my siblings.
    Giving my Husband and Son hugs and telling them I love them.
    Going to a movie with my best firend that I have known for 43 years.
    Having sunday afternoon naps in the summer outdoors in my backyard screened in patio.
    Enjoying quiet evenings with my husband watching our favourite shows on the TV.
    Smelling Lilies and roses, my two favourite flowers which I have in my garden.
    Travelling with my Mom and Sister .
    Going to Disneyland the happiest place on earth. I could go every year and never get tired of it.
    When the plane lands safely either at the start of a trip or the end of the trip I’m ready to kiss the ground.
    Shopping in London, Edmonton, Disneyland. Oh basically anywhere. I love to shop!

  4. September is one of those months that reminds you if you are behind schedule for that year.

    My list would include:
    -Random encounter’s with strangers
    -Late nights
    -Early mornings
    -Motorcycle rides
    -Large parties with a lot of friends
    -Twisted humor that NOBODY should laugh at… but I do.

    1. “Twisted humor that NOBODY should laugh at… but I do.”
      Then you would fit right in with my family! Dark disturbing humor is the best!
      Caffeine is a must, excellent list it could easily be mine except the motorcycle. I went on a long trip to the coast on one, I did not enjoy it at all. Although hindsight tells me it may have been the company I kept that I didn’t like.

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