Caution: Fat Girl Running Ahead! Please avert your eyes if it offends you.

I typically let water/insults/digs/annoyances run off my back. I figure the person spewing the insult doesn’t know me nor do they have any clue to my journey.

I run – A LOT for a gal my size. Running has done a few things for me:

  1. Running makes me fit
  2. Running tones my muscles making me firmer and less jiggly – true story
  3. Running makes my skin look awesome
  4. Running clears my head
  5. Running helps me think

There are a gazillion other reasons but those are the first ones that come to me. We could talk about this all day – but that is not my point.

I was running (surprise surprise) on Sunday along Rich and Famous Blvd. This is a busy spot for lots of city runners who like to have a view of the river valley. I am one of them. I like to see different things while I run. I was at about 6km into my 10km run when I passed two moms in their lululemon’s pushing two jogging strollers. They were both carrying – what I first thought to be coffee or lattes but after we spoke I suspect to it be Hot Water and Lemon. A trick of skinny people who don’t workout. They drink it to keep full and stay thin. In my day it was called a coffee and a cigarette. I ran by them and over heard them talk about me.

Skinny1: OMG look at the size of her ASS.

Skinny2: Why doesn’t she run on a treadmill so we don’t have to look at her.

Skinny1: I know right? I would DIE of embarrassment.

Skinny2: Why didn’t she just stop eating when she got the chance.

Me: (At this point I stopped and turned around) So I hear you have some questions for me. Lets have a quicky Q&A session right now shall we? First Question: It is 4 sizes smaller and 80lbs lighter than it use to be. Question 2: I have a BRAIN TUMOUR. It isn’t cancerous but it isn’t fun. I get dizzy on the treadmill. Besides, running 10km on a treadmill is dead boring and I never would have had the opportunity to meet the likes of you. (That’s right I played the brain tumour card, I am using it to my advantage when I can. If you don’t know the story about it then please click here and no I am not dying) Most people speak before they think but that requires common sense.

Did I really say this? Yes but not that last sentence because they j-walked to get away from me. Perhaps they will keep their comments to themselves from now on.

Is this a typical day for me running? NO WAY! Luckily the world is filled with kind and supportive people who are just happy for others.

Running on Sunday at about the 5km turn-around point I met a older (than me) couple out running both of them gave me a thumbs up. Most runners wave and say hi – but occasionally I get a “Great Job”  or “Keep going”. It is a lot like being in a race with fan support. On the whole, I find Edmonton Running Community to be supportive and kind. It is a lot like the running communities I have discovered on-line. People are kind, supportive, helpful and just plain ol’ nice!

Today I ran hills at Emily Murphy Park. I was the only woman out there today. So obviously I was the only fat girl. I was surrounded by an entire phys.ed class from the University of Alberta – all of them men and all of them in fantastic shape. I got a lot of cheers and some fellows ran with me encouraging me to go just that little bit farther before I die. I didn’t die, there is something about being able to focus on shapely young calf muscles that pulled me through. After they ran off and back to class, another young fellow began his descent, running towards me. He smiled and gave me two thumbs up as he passed.

Either I look like death warmed over when I run and people are surprised I am able to breath OR people are just simply nice and encourage each other.

I have had run-ins with lots of people who are repulsed with my body type. Joking about it with your husband or friends isn’t cool. I am sure YOU have some sort of short fall that you would be mortified if I pointed it out. Obviously I am thinking of one gal in particular who happens to be just mean to everyone. I bet she even kicks the dog when no one is looking. My point being is, if it doesn’t hurt you – leave it alone. This same rule of thumb can be applied to Gay Rights and Marriage. It isn’t up to you to judge them. If it freaks you out to think of them having sex, don’t think about it. It freaks me out to think about YOU have sex too – so I just don’t think about it. If you took the time you spent being mean to others and spent it on yourself working on what makes YOU happy, then I think you wouldn’t have time to hate everyone else.

Just let it go.

Be nice, even if you don’t mean it, because one day you will be treated nice back and it feels good.

This is me after running:

Caution Fat Girl Feeling Great AFTER HER RUN!

And you know something? I am starting to look great too 🙂

photo (17)




36 thoughts on “Caution: Fat Girl Running Ahead! Please avert your eyes if it offends you.

  1. Love this. And love that you focus on the fact that most people are totally awesome and supportive when they see you out running. I was so awkward about running around bein’ all fat, but most of the people you come across out there just smile at you. Haters gonna hate!

  2. Proud of you for confronting them and not letting ‘those’ people take away from your joy in running. ‘Those’ people, unfortunately, will probably never change… but at least you know they’re in the minority. Keep focusing on the positive.

    1. I look at it is lesser evolved. There are lots of people in this world who need to evolve and embrace kindness. I can’t stop running, I have paid for too many races that I need to train for! 🙂

  3. Ok. Where to start…..

    1) You look FABULOUS! I LOVE that post-run red-face-glow. I used to get that too, when I ran. 🙂
    2) What?? WHAT????? WHAAAAAATTTTTT???? People. Said. Those. Things? K, maybe I am naive, but didn’t…say…everyone leave that immature and mean spirited nonsense behind about half way through Grade 11?
    3)Good I wasn’t with you. With the week I’ve had (you just read about it), punch in the face(s) would have been MY response.
    4)Like, super-glad you aren’t dying.
    That is all.

  4. I know how you feel – I was in Walmart a week or so ago, unfortunately riding an electric cart because I sprained my knee last year & it has never healed properly which has left me with limited mobility. I am fat, much fatter than you – I am obese. It got worse last year after I quit smoking & then sprained my knee. Anyway, I’m in the cart doing my shopping & I hear this couple behind me talking about me using an electric cart because I’m too fat to walk when someone else might need the cart. If they had just looked they would have seen my cane in the basket, but they just assumed I was only using the cart because of my weight. I didn’t let on I had heard them, I didn’t even say anything to my hubby because he would have blown up at them. Idiots like these people don’t deserve my time, but it hurt nonetheless.

  5. Keep running! As a runner myself I live to see runners of all shapes and sizes. I ran at almost 300 lbs and when I lost 126 lbs. I ran through 3 pregnancies ( but not through my first two) and though I would love to be 50 lbs lighter, I still run. Don’t let ignoramuses get you down. I hope these women see themselves here and are sufficiently ashamed. They should be.

    1. I wonder what happen when they left. I suspect they complained about me to their husbands and talked about my nerve and gall to do what I did – confront them. It is really the only way to stop bullies. Anyways – I am not going to stop running! I have paid for way too many races lol 🙂 Thanks for the support!

      1. You are more than welcome. Oh that “live” to see runners should be “love” to see runners. If you ever get to Lethbridge, let me know! I am running my first half marathon in June ( have run other races, 10Ks, 6Ks, 8 Ks) and nervous and excited. Yes, that is the only way to confront bullies and I am glad you did it!

  6. What?! I can’t believe how unbelievably rude those women were. I’m happy to hear you didn’t let them get away with such nastiness. Maybe next time they will think twice before commenting.

    I agree that most people are awesome! Definitely not worth your time to think of these bitches when there is a whole world of greatness out there… Good luck with your training 🙂

  7. Way to go Girl!! At my advanced age it still stuns me to think that someone would think its Ok to judge anyone else on something so superficial. You are so amazing and your running is only one small part of what is amazing about you, its their loss that they will never have the opportunity to know the rest of the awesomeness!

  8. Good for you!! You look fantastic and I’m glad you feel even better. I’m glad you’re fully alive, writing often – and really happy you gave ’em hell. Keep going!

  9. Next time you go running take me with you so I punch out those bitches. How dare they say those things about my niece. I hate women like that reminds of the skanks I had to go to school with.

  10. I am a new runner , started in novemeber and i am a big girl. I am glad that i havent had to deal with this yet as you said the running community in general are super supportive. I am so glad you said something to them people need to be called out when they say crap like that. I hope this will make them think next time. just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration and i was the girl that approched you today at the edmonton half 😛 i recognized you after reading this blog post this week . my friends thought it was awesome i got to met you to 🙂

  11. I am back to the beginning again-like I am every spring. I start from 5 and work my way up. I find the treadmill easier than the trails, at least on the prairie. My point is that I plod along at a very slow pace for a month or two and then once I gain some stamina I can look like a pro. This takes time and I remember being winded by a couple of kilometres many years ago. Now I can start at 5 and feel tired but not winded. I have found that most true runners out there are not the skinny little Lulu girls but are very toned or sometimes very rotund and I think this spectrum changed my perspective on healthy bodies. You don’t need to look like Jen Aniston to be fit and I can admit that some middle aged and plump women have kicked my ass on the trails before. Being 125 pounds and feeling good is all I want to get out of a run but I have gained so much more than fitness. I have gained a new outlook on health, a new and improved expectation of my body and I have found runners to be the most supportive group of people on earth, and at the top of the list: I have come to understand that no matter what your age or weight or beauty: anyone can run!

    1. True fitness does that to people. A big girl can be healthy and people judge her, while a thin girl can be out of shape and unhealthy and people judge her too. I want to move past judgement and let people just be. Keep on running and try it in the winter! Seriously, there is something so satisfying about running at -20 – it isn’t fun but it is satisfying 🙂

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